Pure Texas Wag-An™ Beef

100% grassfed plus


Our Wag-An™ herds are born and raised in Texas where they never leave their 10,000 acre oasis of gentle rolling hills, lakes, and trees. They are raised using no hormones or antibiotics and are 100% grassfed plus.

When our herds are ready to process, they leave the ranch for the first time in their life and are taken 50 miles to the processing facility. Tarleton State University is a leader in agriculture education and technology and the perfect solution to handle our premium product. Once at the plant they are State inspected, and processed. All our Wag-An™ herds are processed by hand, tenderness tested on site, packaged, and sent directly to our purchasers or back to the Ranch storage facility.

Why Grassfed Beef?


What Is Wag-An™ Beef?

While increasing the livestock herd on the Ten Triple X Ranch (10 xXx Ranch), Mr. Mitchell greatly understood the current beef market and promptly identified a vision for future trends, and demands for a high-quality beef product. Mr. Mitchell engaged the start of a long process, and in 2010, began to build up his Angus herd on the ranch.

After several years of cross breeding low-line Angus we achieved a moderate frame Angus cow that are bred for tenderness and quality of beef. Now that the quality of the beef was present, he wanted to add much more flavor to the herd, so he began crossing the cattle with high quality Waygu bulls. By doing this the first Wag-An™ herds were born.

Today, almost 6 years later, the Ranch now has achieved a superior F1 beef product, as well as created a robust cattle operation. These cattle are bred for high quality and unparalleled taste, all while raised using no hormones or antibiotics. They range free across the lush plains and rolling hills of the 10,000-acre Ranch.

Pure Processing

When it comes to processing our beef, we believe in purity and simplicity. Tarleton State University provides premium processing, setting the new standard for how processing should be performed. Every cow that is brought to Tarleton State University is tagged with a unique barcode and is tracked from start to finish. All of our Wag-An™ herds are processed individually by hand to ensure consistency with each order. Our beef is State Inspected and tenderness tested on site.

Tarleton State University Meat Laboratory certifies that the Steak Burger produced for 10 xXx Pure Texas Beef consists of all cuts traditionally used in the manufacturing of beef steaks that originated from the Rib, Loin, and Sirloin.
— Dr. Jason Sawyer

Ten Triple X Ranch

The Ten Triple X Ranch is located in the beautiful crosstimbers area of Bosque and Somervell Counties (which is at the very top of the Texas Hill Country and 60 miles South of Ft. Worth, Texas). The ranch is a working cattle ranch plus an outdoor paradise with over 40 lakes/ponds, over 60 miles of paved roads, a Cow Palace working cattle barn and pens, and an infinite number of scenic views and overlooks. The ranches’ nearly 10,000 acres of rolling hills and oak groves serve as home to an abundance of wildlife and provides plenty of room for the cattle to graze freely. The numerous private lakes and spring-fed creeks provide a natural and pure water source for the cattle. All of the 10xXx Cattle are born and raised on the ranch with free access to grass or grainand only leave the ranch when it comes time for processing.